Batters Up Long Island provides the opportunity for the beginning player to acquire the fundamentals that are the foundation of the game and for the advanced player to fine tune and further develop the skills necessary to compete at the next level. Coach Bodner is dedicated to helping players realize their potential and achieve their goals.
Frank Bodner takes you to the next level
Below is just a sample of the Player Development Program

Bat Speed Program

Our unique bat speed program includes condition techniques to train your body from the ground up. With a combination of flexibility, plyometrics, core training and a mix of hitting specific strength movements, you can achieve quick hands and increased bat speed.


Speed & Agility Program

With our comprehensive speed and agility program you'll learn how to make efficient explosive movements towards fielding the baseball and improve your base running skills with a variety of multi-planar movements, plyometrics and flexibility.

Throwing Velocity Program

Throwing doesn't just happen with your arm. Our program recognizes and improves the rest of your body's strength to assist your arm. With a combination of core movements, lower body development, and rotator cuff strength and flexibility, achieve greater velocity and quicker post game recovery.


The College Ball Game

The College Ball Game offers a specific program targeted for High School Baseball/Softball players. Listed below is a brief overview of my program that will lead to the right college choice on the field and in the classroom.

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Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+
Give your body the nutrition
it needs to meet the demands
you place on it.

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