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  • Batters Up Long Island offers a wide range of programs designed to target your specific needs, be it individual, group, or team. Please select a program from the menu at the left to read more about each of our offerings to find the one that best suits you. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact Us for more information on what we offer.
  • The College Ball Game - a customized program designed to meet the individual needs of the student athlete. The program will direct the student athlete to the college that best fits their academic and athletic profile.
    Camps & Showcase - There are special camps and showcases, which feature the top Senior players in the region and across the US. I will inform and guide you toward these specific events to increase your exposure and showcase your ability.
    Recruiting - Guide you through the recruiting process and interact with college coaches throughout the nation to determine their needs and find potential 'fits'. Quiet periods, dead periods and evaluation periods can alter the recruiting process accordingly.
    College Visits - Assist you and your family in the planning and coordination of NCAA Official Visits along with the screening and filtering of prospective colleges and universities.
    Evaluation/Recommendations - Provide prospective colleges with your academic and athletic profile for college coaches to review.
    Academics - SAT and ACT guidance throughout the college process. Updating your status with the NCAA Clearinghouse and assisting you in your final academic push in an attempt to receive financial assistance. Emphasis on academic skills will be stressed to prepare for college athletics/classroom and preparation for life after sports.
  • Bat Speed Program

    Our unique bat speed program includes condition techniques to train your body from the ground up. With a combination of flexibility, plyometrics, core training and a mix of hitting specific strength movements, you can achieve quick hands and increased bat speed.
  • Speed & Agility Program

    With our comprehensive speed and agility program you'll learn how to make efficient explosive movements towards fielding the baseball and improve your base running skills with a variety of multi-planar movements, plyometrics and flexibility.

    Training Program is implemented by Keg Conditioning
    Dave Lemanczyk, LLC
  • Throwing Velocity Program

    Throwing doesn't just happen with your arm. Our program recognizes and improves the rest of your body's strength to assist your arm. With a combination of core movements, lower body development, and rotator cuff strength and flexibility, achieve greater velocity and quicker post game recovery.